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Going going gone (2008) A young girl’s fragile understanding of an angry flash with her mother. Winnipeg Cinematheque’s  25th Anniversary commissioned film.

As Aubriand (photography & editing)

Time Away (2007) A meditation on finding your place in the world when your reality is more like floating in space. Winnipeg Film Group 30th Anniversary commissioned film.
Home Body (2007) An unnerving dream about falling through ice guides a woman’s search for home.  Winnipeg Film Group Artist in Residence project.
French Ship (2003) In a fishing village a woman waits anxiously for her men to return from sea. She summons visions and calls on her courage.
En trois-temps (2003) A portrait in three parts of a young woman who yearns to make sense of death and loss.
Keeper (1998) Pushed to the limit by her sister’s irresponsible lifestyle, Giselle resorts to extreme measures to teach Suzanne a lesson. Lines are crossed and there is no going back. Canadian Film Centre Dramatic short.
Picture When (1997) Dreams of escape bind two sisters together, but their inability to see the big picture keep them apart.
Motus Maestro (1996) A promising young composer, longs to hear true silence. After years of contemplation and against his brother’s counsel, he resolves to throw himself into a shocking path. National Screen Institute Dramatic short.
The Piano Lesson (1993) Illusions are shattered when a young girl witnesses the reality of an elderly couple’s troubled marriage. Winnipeg Film Group First Film Fund.
Fishing Story (1992) Fishing for love is a perilous emotional endeavour. Segment of the Exquisite Corpse.
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