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Winnipeg celebrates 30 years, by Kenton Smith. Uptown, April 2007. (Time Away)

It’s shorts weather as Film Group turns 30, by staff writer, Winnipeg Free Press, April 2007

Revenir au bercail, La liberté, avril 2007.  (Artist in Residence)

Place aux femmes!  by Christianne Hacault. La Liberté, Mai 2005. (Ladies First, Ladies’Firsts)

Radical feminists meet riot grrls at film fest, by staff writer, Winnipeg Free Press, May 2005. (Sugar & Splice Feminist Film Festival Ladies First, Ladies’ Firsts)

ZIG ZAG. Featured report. First episode of Radio-Canada’s TV half-hour, showcasing local artists. Producer Roger Léveillé; Reviewer, Brian Rougeau. 2003. (French Ship) 

Silence, on tourne! Carole O’Brien: De journaliste à scenariste, by Sandra Poirier. La Liberté, août 2000. (En trois Temps)

The Prairie’s Silver Screen Celebrating 25 years of Winnipeg Filmmaking, by Peter Vesuwalla. Uptown, November 1999.

Arrow tops Blizzards, by Cheryl Binning. Playback Industry magazine, March 1999. (Keeper)

Coming up Short, by Randall King, Winnipeg Sun. January 1998. (Picture When)

Film Works fall flat as Prairie in weak outing, by Alison Gillmor. Winnipeg Free Press, January 1998.  (Picture When)

On tourne un court métrage en français à Winnipeg. La Liberté, Octobre 1995. (Motus Maestro)

Dancie dancie, critical review by Monika Kin Gagnon. Dislocations, Winnipeg Film Group publication, 1995. (The Piano Lesson)

Radio Réveil. Numerous appearances on CKSB radio Manitoba, since 1993.

Taken for a ride, article by K. George Godwin. Notes for WFG touring package, Winnipeg Film Group publication, 1994.

Coming into focus, by Katherine Wilson. Interchange, Winnipeg’s City Magazine, Nov 1993 (Re*Visions women’s Film Festival)

Une grande variété de genres et d’attitudes, by Karine Beaudette. La Liberté, November 1996. (Re*Visions women’s Film Festival)

Exquisite Filmmakers, Preview: The exquisite Corpse, by John Collison. Uptown, October 1993.

Movie Hopefuls lean on Group, by John Lyons. Winnipeg Free Press, October 1992.

Black Hole gives budding playwrights chance to shine, review by Gaylene Dempsey. Circuit, February 1989.  (Swinging)

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